How to Jailbreak your iPad


How to Jailbreak your iPad

Jailbreak your iPad 1 or iPad 2 and you unlock the full potential of your WiFi or 3G Apple tablet. Jailbreaking the iPad will allow you to do things with your iPad that you never thought were possible before.

  • Get Instant Access to Paid and even Banned iPad Apps – for FREE
  • Customize all elements of the iPad interface to your personal style
  • Transform your iPad into a Mobile Broadband Hotspot
  • Unlock 1000’s of New Features and More…

In just a minute, you’ll be blown away when you see the full list of what a Jailbreak iPad is truly capable of. But first…

What is an iPad Jailbreak Anyway?

With many hundreds of thousands of jailbroken iPads, iPhones, iPads out there, chances are you know someone with a jailbreaked device.

Still, many people are confused as to what an iPad Jailbreak actually is. For those of you that aren’t tech geniuses and gadget geeks, the jailbreak iPad concept is simple:

Jailbreaking safely removes limitations built into the software of the device, giving you complete control over the look, feel, and functionality of your iPad, for a more innovative, convenient and personal experience.


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What Apple Doesn’t Want You to Know

The reason for the mass confusion surrounding jailbreaking is because Apple, and the mobile carriers they service, are doing everything in their power to keep people from discovering all the revolutionary things you can do when you free your iPad from all the restrictions that are built into Apple’s factory distribution of their iOS software.

Apple has been very successful at making people believe that a Jailbreak for iPad is risky and irreversible. When, in reality, a jailbreak iPad is totally safe, can be instantly restored to factory settings, so you don’t void your warranty.

For the first time ever, a jailbreak iPad solution has been created, that is so simple, it makes it possible to unlock your device in a matter of minutes, regardless of your “tech-savviness”. Simply point your iPad web browser to the specified website, and let the program handle the rest!

Best Jailbreak iPad Software

Here, at Jailbreak iPad 3, we have tested practically every iPad jailbreak tool under the sun. We tried jailbreaker after jailbreaker, and at the end of each test, we came back to using one vastly superior piece of jailbreak software, time and time again.

So, instead of comparing and contrasting the many different inferior jailbreak iPad methods out there, we will focus solely on what we’ve found to be the best iPad Jailbreak software available, Jailbreak iPad.

What Does Jailbreak iPad 3 Do?


The possibilities are, quite literally, endless when it comes to Jailbreak iPad is already working on a jailbreak solution.

Dedicated Support Team

Trained and Ready To Help You Through the Unexpected

Jailbreak iPad has been relentlessly tested for bugs and greatly simplified, so everybody can quickly can easily jailbreak an iPad, free of any errors. However, on the off chance that something does go wrong, the Jailbreak iPad support team is there to help you solve any problems and answer any questions.