Q: How does iPad Jailbreak work?

A: Other jailbreak solutions aren’t exactly simple. On the other hand, with iPad Jailbreak, simply point your iPad Safari browser to a specific URL you’ll receive after joining. Follow the basic instructions, and, in under 2 minutes, you’re ready to explore all the new features of your iPad.

Q: What versions of the iPad are compatible?

A: Both the original iPad and iPad 2 are supported, all the way up through version 5.0.1 of iOS.

Q: When will I receive my copy of Jailbreak iPad 3?

A: You will gain access to Jailbreak iPad and private community iPad resource within several hours from the time you make your payment.

Q: Is Jailbreak iPad legal/reversible/going to void my warranty?

A: Though jailbreaking your iPad is totally legal, it will actually void your warranty. But Jailbreak iPad is 100% reverisble. In other words, your iPad can easily be backed up and restored to factory settings, and Apple will be none the wiser – effectively protecting your warranty.

Q: What if my version of the iPad or iOS aren’t yet compatible?

A: The best thing to do is buy now at a lower price, and wait 2-14 days before an updated version of Jailbreak iPad is released Every new release comes with a higher price tag, so you are bound to save money. Remember updates are always free, so you have nothing to lose!