Jailbreak for iPod Touch

Consumers all over the world are adding new functionality and a personal flair to their iPod touch via Jailbreaking. If you’ve never heard of the term jailbreaking, it simply means breaking the limitations Apple has put on your device so that you can run a variety of new apps, games, and even change the appearance of your OS. Don’t worry, this procedure won’t break the functionality of your device and you can always reverse the changes.

As you may have guessed by now, an iPod Touch jailbreak isn’t exactly supported by Apple. The reason for this sounds fair enough – Apple feels they can better control their product quality by only allowing their hardware to run supported software. However, that doesn’t deter the thousands and thousands of people whom have chosen to jailbreak their iPod touch for a variety of different reasons and benefits.

Have No Fear – Jailbreaking Your iPod Touch is Safe

We know the term “jailbreaking” can sound scary in and of itself. But, the process is actually pretty quick, easy, and completely reversible. In fact, if you’re interested in iPod Touch jailbreaking there is software that can do the heavy lifting for you. You don’t need to examine lines of code, spend countless hours of frustration, or even have a technical degree. Jailbreaking your iPod Touch is a breeze.

Jailbreaking will not “break” your iPod. Don’t let the term mislead you. It simply removes the restrictions in place by Apple so you can do more with your device. The only “breaking” you’re doing is breaking the chains that bind your iPod to a life of boredom. Instead of sitting in a digital prison, bound to play music and music only, you are freeing up your iPod to perform a wider variety of tasks.

Now that you know it’s safe and reversible process, let’s look at some of the benefits to jailbreaking.

Benefits: Why Jailbreak Your iPod Touch?

People choose to jailbreak their iPod Touch for a huge variety of reasons. Some people simply want to customize the appearance of the OS with a personal touch – while others choose to install and run the hundreds of available jailbreak apps and games. No matter what your desires and goals for your iPod Touch are, everyone can find a benefit in jailbreaking.

Customize Your OS – Don’t like the plain, boring appearance of your current screen? Change it up! Add a custom picture of your family, friends, or even your dog. With a jailbroken system, you can also move icons around to your personal liking. Drag and drop everything for easier access and a higher degree of usability. Your iPod is probably a huge part of your life on-the-go, so why not personalize it a bit? Make it more YOU and less GENERIC.

Tons and Tons of Fun, New Apps- You’ve probably heard the saying “yeah, I’ve got an app for that!”. Well, now you really do. The sky is the limit when it comes to adding fun new functionality to your iPod Touch. There is a virtual ocean of exciting apps available to all jailbroken systems. You are no longer bound to only using your iPod for music. Here’s just a few fun applications you can run on a jailbroken OS:

  • Fring – Add Google Talk, Skype, AIM, and Yahoo.
  • colloQ – Add Internet Relay Chat (more commonly known as IRC) to your iPod Touch.
  • NES Emultaor – Play classic nintendo games!
  • MX Tube – Download and play Youtube videos.
  • Simplify Media – Stream music from your home computer to your iPod.
  • MobileScrobbler – View album covers, rate music, read lyrics, and play songs from last.fm
  • Tetris – Who doesn’t like this classic puzzle game?

Download ANY Song You Want – Sometimes Apple restricts certain musicians or artists from their online store. This is mostly likely due to the fact that some musicians simply don’t have a deal (or contract) to list their songs in the store. Therefore this music is simply not available for the average consumer to download to their device. With a jailbroken iPod, you can download and play any song you want with no restrictions. Why limit yourself to only preselected music? Play the songs you want, when you want. After all, it’s your iPod – why let Apple decide what you can listen to?

How to: Jailbreak your iPod Touch

When it comes to jailbreaking your iPod, there are 2 ways to do it:

The manual way (physically opening up your unit and changing certain hardware).

This is NOT recommended for most consumers and only the most experienced technicians should even attempt this. It could potentially and permanently damage your iPod beyond repair. Even worse, it will void your warranty if you mess up and your iPod Touch is expensive to replace. Do not try this at home.

Even with our warning in place, here’s how to manually jailbreak:

  • Step 1 – Purchase a computer chip. This serves as a jumper to remove the restrictions.
  • Step 2 – Using the proper tools, open your iPod to expose it’s inner parts
  • Step 3 – Install the chip. This is where technical skills come into play. A mess up here could result in a broken system. This is why we don’t recommend this method.
  • Step 4 – Reboot your iPod. If you did the installation of the chip correctly, you can now run jailbreak apps.

Using Software and Firmware to Jailbreak Your iPod Touch

Using software develoved by professionals is definitely the recommended method and preferred by a vast majority of people. While there is alot of jailbreak software available, it’s important to use only the best so you don’t mess up your device.

That being said, we highly recommend the following software for all your jailbreaking needs: